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Tims® New Tastes

Here at Tims, we love our classics, but we also love giving you something new. Whether it’s a donut, beverage or sandwich, these limited time treats have flavour to savour. Hurry, they won’t last long!


Creamy CHILLS. Chocolate. Strawberry. Vanilla. At participating restaurants for a limited time. © Tim Hortons, 2019. Learn More

Cool, satisfying and oh so sweet, enjoy our new Creamy Chills in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Rich and creamy like a classic milkshake, our Creamy Chills come with a cloud of whipped topping and a drizzle of chocolate syrup or strawberry puree to top it all off. Only available for a limited time! Close

New! Omelette Bites. Bacon & Cheese. Spinach & Egg White. At participating restaurants for a limited time. © Tim Hortons, 2019. Learn More

Morning, noon, or night, new Omelette Bites are a great on‑the‑go snack. Enjoy our savoury bacon and cheese bite, or for a lighter option, give spinach and egg white bites a try. Grab yours while they last, they are only available for a limited time. Close

New! Chicken Caesar Wrap. Made with 100% seasoned white meat chicken breast. Allergy Alert: Caesar dressing contains fish. At participating restaurants for a limited time. © Tim Hortons, 2019. Learn More

Get your favourite salad as a wrap! Enjoy seasoned white meat chicken strips, bacon, Parmesan cheese, fresh lettuce and a creamy Caesar dressing all wrapped in a tortilla and grilled to perfection. Mix it up and try our Crispy Chicken Caesar wrap option too. For a limited time only. Close

New! Chicken Strips Made with Whole Chicken Breasts. Made with Whole Chicken Breasts. Try them with a sauce:Sweet ‘N Sour. Honey Mustard. BBQ. At participating restaurants for a limited time. ©Tim Hortons, 2019 Learn More

Made with whole chicken breasts, our new chicken strips are crispy and savoury. Try them alone or with your choice of sweet 'n sour, honey mustard or BBQ sauce. Close

new Timmies minis™ pack. Chicken Strips. Apple Slices. Apple Juice. At participating restaurants. Each Timmies Minis™ Pack includes one of the pictured entrees. ©Tim Hortons, 2018 Learn More

Introducing new Timmies Minis - the new kids’ meal on the block. With a variety of entrées, sides, and beverages to choose even the pickiest of eaters will love them. New Timmies Minis are a win for the whole family. Close


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